Your follow up strategy after influencer events


So many events, so many influencers, so little time!  As we plan for return to in-person events, every event brings new faces and names and it can be hard to keep up.  If you’ve done your pre-event prep, you are prepared to recognize the big fish when they show.  While it is important to prioritize them, it’s also important to begin relationships with new influencers.  You never know who will blow up next, and you want them to remember you as a friend when they do!

Take the time to create a follow up strategy for your new friends.  They will be more likely to accept a less personal email approach, but still avoid sending email “blasts” to hundreds of contacts.  Have an admin or assistant spend time grouping all those contacts into segments based on criteria that make sense for your business.  Keep an eye on the content created by those smaller influencers , there might be a future brand ambassador in their midst.  

When evaluating these new influencers, look for ones with a consistent esthetic that meshes well with your brand.  Are they interacting with your competitors’ products?  Are they already promoting your product or services?  

Then dig into their engagement.  Are they getting comments and likes from non-influencers, or is it all coming from other influencers?  Many small creators form supportive friendships, and share, like and comment on each other’s content.  This is great for cross pollination of audiences, but if the only engagement you see on an influencer’s content is from other influencers, they are not an actual influencer.

As smaller influencers are more likely to create earned content, sending them mailers with product that matches with their content is a solid strategy.  Be sure to send instructions in those mailers regarding disclosures, hashtags and clarification on the meaning of embargo dates.  Very often newer influencers are not familiar with terminology, but are uncomfortable asking questions for fear of looking unprofessional.  Make it easy for them to learn the language, and they will remember you and be very grateful.  While you don’t have to take the step of getting permission in advance to send these shipments, use it as an opportunity to reach out to them via email.  Start building that relationship now.  Today’s nano influencer might be tomorrow’s mega-star!