The most important metric for influencer marketing

Everyone agrees that influencer marketing is here to stay. But not everyone agrees on how best to choose influencers.

Everyone agrees that influencer marketing is here to stay. But not everyone agrees on how best to choose influencers. Some people say go through an agency, while others feel that they want to keep it in-house.  Once that decision is made, there is the battle of the metrics. One faction will argue that it’s all about the views, while the other says it’s about engagement.  What most people aren’t measuring is actually the most important thing to measure!

Where is the influencer’s audience?

Geographic demographics is the number one most important metric for both choosing an influencer and measuring a campaign. You may have an influencer that you work with frequently who gets hundreds of millions of views each month, but do you know where those views come from? Let’s be honest, it’s kind of hard to sell a significant amount of product in the United States via an influencer who gets the majority of their views from Asia.  

In the world of children’s content, in particular toy content, a surprising number of views are coming from outside of United States. And the younger the target audience, the more likely it is that the vast percentage of views for a channel are non-US based.   Why? Because the content and the enjoyment of the content are not language dependent.

What do we mean by vast percentage of views? How about 65%, or 75%, even 80%. There are channels that get hundreds of millions of views each month and only 30% of those views are happening in the United States. Now, that’s not to say that 30% of 100 million isn’t a huge number. On the contrary that is still a great audience for your brand, but does that audience line up with the fee that you were charged for the activation?

How to find an audience’s geography?

How can you find out what the potential geographical audiences for your activation? The simplest thing to do is to ask influencers to send you a screenshot of their demographics.  While this might be simple, it isn’t actually the best way to obtain this info. There are services available that allow you to have all of the needed data at your fingertips updating in real-time. This helps you not only in the initial selection of influencers for a campaign, but for following the progress of a campaign, and with the dreaded final reporting.

Companies that provide this type of service are Channel Meter, Paladin and Traackr, among others.  Each have varying price structures and options for measurement, but all of them can arm you with critical insight into your influencer campaigns.  You may need a significant US based audience for one campaign while for you are looking for global brand recognition. Knowing which influencers can provide the right audience is a huge time and money saver.