Find the right influencers with social listening tools


Finding influencers is a bit like doing the laundry, its never really done. There’s always new laundry to be done, and there are always new influencers to engage.  

Gone are the days were you could have a list of 20, 30, 50 influencers that were your go to people for every new campaign . With the turnover of influencers in the world of 2019, your list is ever-changing.  You must be constantly adding new influencers and removing old Contacts who are no longer considered influential.  

Social listening, which was once just a tool for monitoring the effectiveness of the campaign, is now ago to strategy for locating the people who are most influential for your brand.   Monitoring tags and hashtags and mentions is now a daily part of your routine.  And thanks to the rise in the need for social listening and there are a number of social listening apps that you have at your disposal.  Social media today compiled a great list of 12 of the best social listening tools available

So now that you’re listening, what are you supposed to be listening for? Who already loves your product or brand?  How loyal is there following? How much engagement do they get on their posts or videos? Disregard their size for now, engage their actual influence with the people that follow them. If the conversation in the comments on their post is about the product in their posts and you have found yourself an influencer.  On the other hand, if the conversation turns to other topics or just random comments about the influencer, you do not actually have an influencer.

Another great way to use social listening, is to listen for mentions of your top competition. Again assessed the actual influence of the people mentioning your competition and then reach out to them. Perhaps they would be interested in what you have to offer as far as products and services. Don’t be afraid of comparison posts.  If you are confident in your product then be confident enough to send it to someone who loves your competitor.

Also keep an ear out for negative mentions. You may find opportunities to turn in angry customer into a huge product advocate. Very often when influencers talk about a bad experience they’ve had on social media and tag the brand or service provider they’re looking for that brand or service provider to make things right. And if things are made right for them, they will tell everyone. They will brave about your customer service and you will have a new devoted influencer. Just make sure that your response is over-the-top and generous enough to cause the influencer to rave about how awesome you are. A simple “I’m sorry” and a coupon for a free appetizer on your next visit does not count as a social media apology.

Also use social media listening as a unique way to stand out among the crowd. One of the best ever social listening stories happened in 2015 when Peter Shankman tweeted at Morton’s Steakhouse.

It was a joke, but they did the absolute best over the top thing they could do, and met him at the airport with that steak!

Did you have a Superfan out there who has a super large following? Treat them like royalty and they will love you forever. And so were those will their followers.

And never forget at the most important part of social listening is social replying. Become part of the conversation about your product or service. Become a part of the community that likes to talk about your product or service. In other words become your own best influencer.